Xbox One X Controller Front Dark Gray

The release of the Xbox One X will be very soon! From the 7th November 2017 on everyone will be able to get the latest console made by Microsoft. Since the weekend they started their advertising campaign! As for now you can still preorder the Xbox One X.

Microsoft said they would release a TV spot in the night of Sunday to Monday in which they will advertise their new console. You can already see the teaser of the spot on here. As everyone should already know they will release their console on the 7th of November. The price will be around $500 and 499€ in Europe. Preorder the Xbox One X on Amazon or directly any other distributer.

On Xesero you will find the best looking Xbox One X Skins, Sticker and Cover as soon as the console releases. It would be great to give your console an unique design just right after its release. It is the perfect way to personalize and customize the new Xbox One X. Available in many different colors, styles and pattern.

The Xbox One X got some serious improvements, which you will benefit a lot from. Here are some features of the new Xbox One according to the official description.

  • Better gameplay on the Xbox One with 40 percent more power than on other consoles
  • 6 Teraflops Graphic-Processorpower and a 4K Blu-ray-Player for a better gaming and entertainment experience
  • Compatible with all Xbox One games and gaming accessories
  • Better gameplay also on 1080p screens: Games are running more fluent, looking better and loading much faster

If you are looking to get yourself a new console you should definitely take a look on the new Microsoft Xbox One X. It will dominate the console market for the next few years and even the PlayStation 4 Pro won’t be a big competition according to its power.