Stardew Valley, More Indie Games Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch


If you love playing indie games AND own a Switch at the same time, the folks over at Nintendo have a treat for you: over 20+ well-loved indie games are confirmed to be ported soon on the Nintendo Switch!

The addition of indie games to the Switch’s roster of games was first announced back in February during a Nintendo Direct presentation. They revealed that a whopping 62+ popular indie games would be coming soon to the console. Nintendo has been releasing indie games at a steady pace ever since.

stardew valley

The Vita was originally seen as the console where indie games would ‘thrive’ because of its controls and upgraded technology, but the console has since then faded and the Switch has taken the spotlight.

On the morning of August 28, 2017, Nintendo America announced a “summer showcase” which they called the Nindies, will air on August 30 through a livestream:

“A new Nindies Showcase, highlighting multiple indie games coming to Nintendo Switch, is coming on Wednesday, Aug. 30, at 10 a.m. PT. Watch the video live by visiting”

Meanwhile, Nintendo UK released a Nindies video ahead of the Nintendo America showcase:

Among the most awaited titles in Nindies lineup would be Stardew Valley, a farming game impressively made by a one-man team, and was heavily inspired by Harvest Moon. Stardew Valley was proclaimed as one of the best titles of 2015 which it truly deserved thanks to its immersive gameplay and nostalgic farming game elements.


Even Harvest Moon’s creator, Yasuhiro Wada, acknowledged the game, saying that Stardew Valley carried on the true legacy of the original Harvest Moon and remarked how the newest installments felt ‘restrictive’ and went on to a different direction: “I actually met Eric Barone [Stardew Valley’s creator] recently; I told him I was very happy. Instead of Harvest Moon being forgotten, it has become powered up and it has gotten even better. It’s still living on, even though I’m not working on it anymore. I’m really happy that’s happening,” as told by Wada in an interview with Gamespot.

Another well-loved indie games that’s about to be ported is Steamworld Dig 2. Despite its developer, Image and Form, not having done anything spectacular with PR, this indie game quickly rose to fame thanks to unintentionally spreading by word-of-mouth – propelling to fame by Youtube Let’s Plays and rave reviews by its earlier players.


Indeed, the Switch is the perfect console to port indie games to: its detachable controllers and TV connectivity is just right for most of the indie games being released nowadays, whose gameplay styles often derive from ‘old-school’ mechanics and usually have undemanding graphics.

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