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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is extremely popular this month, but there are still many glitches and bugs, which are extremely annoying for most of the gamer. In this article we will show you should beware of before buying this game.

First of all some general information about Konami’s latest football simulation; It is available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation and has been released on 12th September 2017. This means more than two weeks earlier than their competitor EA will release FIFA 18. It is always important to put their competition into context, because they are the primary reason Konami releases the game so early. This year it comes up with an extremely realistic gameplay and graphic. For some gamer it is even the best football simulation ever made, unless the few bugs, which can make every passionate PES 18 player freak out.

The player switch:

It is maybe one of the most annoying problems in PES 18. The CPU is switching to the wrong player, not switching at all or you simply can’t get the right player. This is a huge problem when it comes to defending. Within a few seconds your opponent is running through your defend and score the goal, while you are still trying to switch to the right player. On Reddit and other platforms you can read reviews and comments by some really angry gamer. One solution is it to switch the player by using the right stick, but still it doesn’t fix the main issue.

The defending:

If you played PES 2018 you might already notice about this. The defenders are continuously running away from the ball – this will lead to some broken controller for sure. Luckily we got some really good and cheap controller for the PS4 and Xbox One for you. Still here is simply no chance for you to defend, because the CPU is automatically making a few steps away form the opponent player.

Some defender got incredible much pace (Bonucci can outpace Bale). The slide tackles are still very statically. Nobody is really sliding in this game if you already noticed.


How many freekicks or penalties do you receive in the game so far? I guess not that much; because in the 30+ games we played we almost got no freekick. This is highly unrealistic, if you consider how many fouls and free kicks there are in real games.

pes 2018 defense

The AI:

Basically it is about the passing. Maybe you already noticed the pass you play is going to the opponent or to a wrong player. You wouldn’t even consider passing to this specific player, but the AI does. It can be really annoying when you are in your own box or you are about to attack, but suddenly your player is passing to the totally wrong player you didn’t aim.

All the problems above are very easy to fix, but they can lead to the impression of a “broken game”. It is not really fun to play a game, which is hard to control and where many mistakes happen. If Konami can fix these bugs in the first month of the release I don’t think they will lose many customer, but if these problems still exist I guess many gamer will change to EA Sports FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

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