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Do you also find out boring that you can’t really change the outfit of your character in Pokemon Go? I don’t mean the color of the clothes, but completely different clothes. Well, don’t worry about it. Soon you will find three new and different clothes on Pokemon Go. According to the official Pokemon Go Twitter Account you will be able to choose between the Fisherman, Battle Girl and a Jogger. Don’t think you will get them all for free – you will have to do something for them. Not only unlock them, but also paying for them. Check this out.

In order to use the three outfits you have to collect medals. To get the jogger you will have to travel 10, 100 and 1000 kilometers. For the Battle Girl outfit you will have to participate in 10, 100 and 100 gym battles. For the fisherman outfit you will have to catch 3, 50 and 300 big Magikarp (just the XL version of Magikarp).


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Finally more outfits on Pokemon Go.

Thats not all. If you think all you have to do is getting the medals you are wrong. In order to get the items you will have to buy them with the premium currency after you got all the medals. In order to get the premium currency you will have to use your real money of course.

Sounds kinda difficult and pricey just for a few simple outfits. To unlock these outfits by earning medals is a good idea, because it gives your motivation to play this game a boost, but to spend real money after you already unlocked them is kinda harsh. After all the player are already playing with their time, when they are catching 300 Magikarps XL or traveling 1000 kilometers.

In our opinion it should be possible to get the outfits only by earning the medals, not by additionally paying real money for them. Both together is a very time-consuming and pricey solution. Don’t forget we are only talking about “outfits”

In future there will be more and more updates for Pokemon Go. Check out our YouTube channel and our blog to get the latest information.


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