Big news for fans of Pokemon Go! Finally its new update released. It adds lots of features to the game. Many fans were waiting for this update a long time. Finally Niantic released the latest 0.67.1 apk update for Android and 1.37.1 update for iOS, which provides even a better gaming experience.


New Items – Raid Tickets, Rare Candy and TMs

Expect some brand new items in the latest update. Some of them will make a difference on how you play the game. It gives you much more possibilities in the game. Here is what to expect:



Let your Pokemon easily learn new moves with these items – perfect for Pokemon, which you want to use for fights.

  • There will be two kinds of TMs. Charged TMs and Fast TMs.
  • As you know every Pokemon has a variety of attacks they can learn. The attack you get from the TM will be a random one.
  • You can get the TMs from raid battles, but Fast TMs only for trainers over Level 15 and Charged TMs only for trainer over Level 25.


Raid Tickets:

The Raid Tickets will let you fight in Raid Battles. In them some of the new items will get dropped.

  • There are two kinds of Raid Tickets: a free Raid Pass and a premium Raid Pass.
  • You can get the free Raid Pass once per day from any Pokestop Style Icon at gyms. There is no specific level required for the free version.
  • The premium Raid Pass can be bought in the shop and can be used a few times per day.
  • No matter if you win or lose the battle – the Raid Pass will be gone. So you better don’t lose.

Rare Candy

I am sure you remember rare candies from the traditional game on the Gameboy, DS or 3DS. They were leveling up your Pokemon and now these nice items are also available on Pokemon Go.


  • They will help your Pokemon to evolve
  • You can get them from Raid Battles
  • The “exchange rate” is 1:1, so one Rare Candy could be used on a Pokemon you like and it would count as one Pokemon Candy. It is ideal to level up rare or powerful Pokemon.


Premier Ball 

Along the Ultra, Great and the normal Poke Ball the new Premier Ball will be released. They have the same performance as a regular Ball, but they look red and white. Absolutely premium.


Golden Razz Berry

Get this new berry-type as a reward from battles. It’s a pretty powerful new berry, because it will restore the entire motivation bar of a gym defenders Pokemon or increase a chance to capture a Pokemon by 25%.


Gym Badges & Rewards

In Pokemon Go you can collect a lot more than the regular 8 badges from the traditional game. This is what you should know about the badges.

  • The better your gym badge rank, the better are the rewards you get from the gyms. Usually gyms will drop items like a normal Pokestop does. If you have a high rank at that gym the chance of getting better rewards is very high.
  • Gym badges are tracking different stats. For example how many battles you have won at the gym, the total time you spent on defending the gym and much other stats.
  • Every gym got its own unique badge, which levels you up. Whatever you do on the gym will raise your gym badge level. From Basic to Bronze to Silver and finally to Gold.

pokemon go badges


Pokemon Go’s latest update – Gym changes, motivation, rewards and defending

  • Gyms now have 6 defender Pokemon slots. Now you will be able to slot 6 Pokemon into any gym you are controlling. It has to be 6 different Pokemon (must be unique). The Pokemon are fighting in the order they were added to the gym. Not in the order of the CP (Combat Power) as they did before.
  • Defending gyms will be governed by a motivation statistic. The motivation shows how effective a Pokemon defends. It can drop steadily if the one Pokemon is always defending the gym. If the motivation is reaching 0 it will leave the gym and come back to you. You will be able to restore the motivation by giving the Pokemon for example the new Golden Razz Berry, which will give the Pokemon 100% motivation.
  • You will be able to receive Gym Bonus Loot. This bonus will be influenced by your level at that gym and if you are controlling that gym.

Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon – how to catch Legendary Pokemon like Moltres, Zapdos or Articuno

Since the beginning of Pokemon Go these legendary Pokemon have been unavailable. Not anymore! With the latest update, they will become available – but mostly for elite gamer only.

  • Elite players will be able to get a Legendary Raid Pass. They will get them as a reward for fighting battles at gyms and raids.
  • The legendary Raid Pass will make it able to fight against a Legendary Pokemon. As far as we know this will be a very tough fight.
  • Lugia will count your victories over the Legendary Pokemon. Before you will be able to catch a Legendary Pokemon by yourself, you have to win against them several times.
  • When you won enough battles, you will get the chance to catch a legendary Pokemon.


That’s it so far. As you can see there are some huge changes in the gameplay. This will make it even more fun to play the game.