Pokémon GO Fest Details, New Accessory To Be Released


It’s been a year since the wildly popular Pokémon Go was first released, and developer Niantic has organized a series of events to commemorate the special occasion.

The first live event that will be held is called the Pokemon Go Fest and will be held at Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois on July 22, 2017. For fans who will be attending the event, they will be able to enjoy the following perks:

  • Increased Pokémon Encounters – even Pokémon that don’t normally spawn in Grant Park will show up, so this will be a great opportunity for players to fill up their Pokedex!
  • Challenges and Rewards – there will be challenges that are specially made for the event, and fans across the globe will also have the chance to participate.
  • Exclusive In-App Medal – participants will unlock an exclusive Pokemon Go Fest Chicago medal for their profile pages!
  • Special Pokestops – these special Pokestops will award participants special 2km Eggs that can only be obtained in Grant Park.
  • Team Lounges – chill out with your fellow teammates, whether you’re a Mystic, Valor, or Instinct!
  • Photo Ops

pokemon go festival

The Pokemon Go Fest will have three phases: the Catch Challenge, Mystery Challenge, and Global Reward. According to the event’s official website, here is how everything will unfold:

  “During the day, there will be three Challenge Windows in which Trainers everywhere will work alongside those in Chicago to unlock global rewards. During the Challenge Windows, Trainers in Grant Park will attempt to unlock perks for Pokémon GO players around the world by catching certain types of Pokémon. Each Pokémon- type will be tied to a different perk, so Trainers at the park will need to carefully choose which Pokémon they catch.”

Tickets are already sold out. But don’t fret, because players around the world will still play an important part in the event:

   “If Trainers around the world catch enough Pokémon, a mystery challenge will be unveiled in Grant Park that, once completed, will unlock an extra-special bonus across the globe.”

Following the Grant Park event, Pokémon Go also has other events scheduled in Japan and Europe (more details here).

pokemon go safari zone

Also launching soon in Japan is a ring accessory for the Pokémon Go Plus, a device that lets you capture Pokémon and collect Pokestop items with just a click. The ring accessory launches on July 15, 2017 and will retail for the low price of $3 (400 yen).

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