NBA 2K18 Will Feature A New Story-Driven Franchise Mode


Longtime fans of the NBA 2K series have something new to look forward to as the wait for the next installment gets shorter. For the first time in the history of the 2K series, there will be a new story-driven franchise mode called MyGM: The Next Chapter.

The previous games in the series had two franchise modes where you acted as the team’s general manager, overseeing finances and the team roster; MyGM and MyLeague. In MyGM, you controlled one team and in MyLeague, you get to control all 30 NBA teams.

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“Not that long ago, you were one of the brightest stars in the NBA. Personal accomplishments long since satisfied, all that mattered to you was getting another ring. On a warm, May night at the 2011 Western Conference Finals in Dallas, it all came to a sudden end. Your knee, it was finished. Now what?”

In MyGM: The Next Chapter, you will take the perspective of a former NBA star who suffered a career-ending injury and is returning to the league to manage a team. In this new mode, you get to experience the ups and downs of managing a team through cutscenes, in which your choices will determine the fate of your team. This will give the player an even more in-depth simulation of managing a team beyond the numbers and statistics. You will be able to interact will players, staff, media as well as GM’s from other teams.

Developer Visual Concept is really aiming to bring the real NBA to the game by adding in the new NBA collective bargaining agreement, with Super Max Contracts, Designated Veteran Contracts and Rookie Scale Extensions. They have also included the NBA G League, however minor leagues will not be playable. Another cool touch is that they’ve added the three-day moratorium period before free agency, wherein players are not allowed to sign contracts but can come into terms with verbal agreement.

Another useful new feature that they’ve added is the MyLeague Analytics tool, in which you can plot any two data sets against each other to compare between players’ stats. It aims to make scouting much easier when building your team.

NBA 2K18 Senior Producer Erick Boenisch says in a Facebook post that “As a franchise diehard myself, I understand the importance and integrity of team building to your franchise experience. We’ve designed a story that will delight and entertain without infringing on the plans you have for your roster. Draft, trade, and contract decisions are not spoon fed by the writing. Make the story your own, and build a winner!”

NBA 2K18 surely has a lot in store for its fans. Its tentative release date is set for September 19, 2017 and it will be available for the PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PS4. You can find console accessories here in Xesero to improve your gaming experience.