Monster Hunter Stories Western Release Date Confirmed


Monster Hunter Stories is a spin-off title set within the Monster Hunter series which was first released in Japan back in October 8, 2016. Fans from the other side of the globe will finally be able to enjoy the much-awaited game in their native languages and the worldwide release dates are as follows:

  • Europe & North America: September 8, 2017
  • Australia: September 9, 2017

“When a monster strikes, the fearful hide, but the brave? They ride. Venture into monster nests to collect eggs and hatch a wide array of species with uniquely powerful skills. Form teams, battle alongside them, crush opponents with combo attacks, and ride into the sunset a champion. Need more muscle? Then mix and match genes to create monsters with more abilities!”

monster hunter stories western 

As a spin-off, Monster Hunter Stories feature a completely different gameplay. Instead of the cooperative action game the series is known for, it is a turn-based RPG where you can collect, hatch, and befriend monsters that can fight alongside your character. In this version, you will take the role of a Rider instead of a Hunter. Throughout the whole journey, you will be accompanied by a Felyne friend named Nabiru.

As a Rider, you can acquire eggs by stealing them from nests – Capcom released a video on Youtube showing this part of the gameplay. When searching for these nests, there will sometimes be a monster guarding the eggs, thus it’s advised to attempt to steal the egg when the monster is sleeping. You can attempt to steal an egg many times, but you have to be careful to avoid awakening the monster. When successful, you will simply have to give it to the stable Felyne and wait for it to hatch with the rest of your eggs.

Once these monsters have been hatched, you can give them a new name, befriend them, and ride them into the vibrant open world (which is a change from the less colorful mainline Monster Hunter games). With your Otomon (monsters) you can fight other monsters similar to the Pokemon battle system. It’s a turn based system with a “rock, paper and scissors” mechanic, with technique attacks beating speed attacks, speed attacks beating power attacks, and power attacks beating technique attacks.

You can use your Otomon friend to use active skills such as effects, normal attacks, and double attacks with your character. There is a “Kizuna Gauge” that can be filled up or depleted by certain actions, and when full, you can launch an “ultimate attack” against your opponents. Your Otomon can also be customized with the Transmission Ceremony feature, in which you transfer Bond Genes to unlock and awaken stats and abilities.

The player will have a choice of 4 weapons taken from the mainline games: Great Sword, Sword and Shield, Hammer, and Hunting Horn. The options are relatively limited, thus the game will have you focus on cooperating with your Otomon.

Monster Hunter Stories will be available on the Nintendo 3DS. Xesero has a lot of awesome and affordable accessories for your 3DS which you can find here and enhance your gaming experience.