Fortnite: Hacker & Scammer Stole Money


Reddit-user saw something magnificient the last few days. Not only that a Fortnite player got hacked, but also how the developer Epic Games were dealing with this. Beside that this incident shows us some security issues of Fortnite.

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No money for the rent, because of hackers on Fortnite

Unlucky and lucky at the same time was a gamer of Fortnite (available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). First his account got hacked and someone stole his money by buying lots of V-Bucks. He had his account connected to PayPal, which made it easy for the hacker to simply purchase the in-game currency. In total he stole around $200 just by spending it for V-Bucks. Unfortunately the gamer who got hacked needed this money to pay his bills. This makes the incident even worse. After the Fortnite support didn’t reply on his e-mail he started to ask for help on the Subreddit of Fortnite. He explained what happened and hoped to get help from Epic Games. Only after a very short time he already got a reply.

Epic Games is earning sympathy from the community

Within a very short-time the developer reacted on this incident and refunded the gamer all his money. He also got 5000 V-Bucks additionally. The community loved this reaction and Epic Games earned some decent sympathy over this incident. While other developer like Electronic Arts seem not to care about the player, we saw how Epic Games were dealing with this in a very grateful way. Just for the records: Normally Epic Games didn’t have to do that, but they decided to do it. It doesn’t matter if they did it for marketing or anything like this, because they actually helped a gamer a lot. These days Fortnite is competing with PUBG for the most popular Battle Royale game.

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Be careful of scammers!

Beside these nice actions by Epic Games there are still some questions regarding the security left. The hacked gamer advised other Reddit user: Choose your password carefully and take a very safe one. These days the Fortnite developer are working on a two-factor-authentication. In this procedure gamer have to confirm actions via e-mail or their smartphone, if for example someone changes the password or buys some V-Bucks. On Steam and EA the two-factor-authentication is already commonly used. At this moment the 2FA isn’t active for Fortnite.

In the last few months Fortnite became extremely popular. Hacker, scammer and other bad guys are waiting for any chance to steal money or items from you. You should be definitely carefully when it comes to interaction with strangers. Never tell them too much about yourself. Avoid all answers and questions regarding your hobbies, family members or pets, since these questions are often used as security question. Also be careful of what file you are opening. Check out our Fortnite streams on Twitch


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