Final Fantasy XV’s Multiplayer Mode is Coming Soon


Square Enix seems to be putting a lot of effort into releasing additional content under Final Fantasy XV: a movie, an anime, 3 mobile games, a VR minigame, a spin-off side scroller… and if you feel like you haven’t had enough, here comes a multiplayer DLC expansion for those who would love to experience XV’s dynamic combat with their friends.

If you haven’t played Final Fantasy XV yet, it basically follows the story of Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum and his royal entourage Prompto, Ignis, and Gladio, on his journey to wed Princess Lunafreya in hopes to save their kingdom from falling apart.


XV is actually a game made from the remnants of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which was supposedly part of the Fabulla Nova Crystallis Trilogy. Versus XIII sadly was never released in its 10 years of development hell, and instead was rebranded into Final Fantasy XV to make use of the assets left behind.

Final Fantasy XV was made taking into consideration the huge backlash they received from its predecessor, Final Fantasy 13 – fans felt that it was too linear and the story didn’t quite catch on with them. Nonetheless, the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy sold quite well, but it was about time that Square Enix finally listened to their loyal fanbase.

And it looks like they’re doing their best to please their fans, which probably explains the slew of additional content they’ve been putting out from the very beginning of their marketing period. Final Fantasy XV promised a vast open world with a combat system similar to Kingdom Hearts – and boy, did they deliver. Although it wasn’t perfect, XV was a game that fans appreciated.

Next in line to their long list of additional content is Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, a DLC that will allow up to 4 players to complete missions together. Avatars are fully customizable, with tons of clothing and weapons to choose from.

The DLC starts off from the game’s 13th Chapter, and the main objective is to collect meteor shards to power up power stations in areas that lost electricity. The players progress through the game by connecting power lines which unlocks new areas as well as new perks for their characters. By completing quests, players will also be given the ability to upgrade their weapons with the rewards they receive.

Quests will vary from slaying monsters to running errands for NPCs just like in the main game. While on the open world, players will be able to collect ingredients you can bring to an NPC named Monica who will create a stat-enhancing meal for you.

It seems like this is the first time that a mainline, non-MMO Final Fantasy game finally achieved a multiplayer feature. Final Fantasy X was supposed to have multiplayer as well, but for some reason it got scrapped during the development process.

Comrades was initially announced for October 31, but due to “final adjustments…to create the best possible experience”, Square has delayed the release for November 17. It will be sold alone or with the $25 Season Pass. Another DLC will also be released for December, Episode Ignis, which will expand on the title character’s backstory.

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