Originally released in the year 2006, Final Fantasy XII was one of the more divisive titles in the franchise. With a battle system that deviates from the traditional Active Time Battle (ATB) System from the previous iterations and a setting that takes place in the universe of the Tactics series, it was met with mixed reviews fans and critics – some welcomed the change with enthusiasm, while others simply hated how it wasn’t the Final Fantasy they expected. Given that Final Fantasy XI was an online game, the bar was set quite high for its successor.

Nonetheless, Final Fantasy XII was a beautiful game in its own right. One of the highly praised features in the game was its gargantuan open world, where the player can choose to complete the vast array of sidequests offered in the game. The world-building was definitely well thought out and it stayed true to the world of Ivalice, which was taken directly from the spin-off Tactics series.

The Gambit system allowed the player to freely program how the chosen party members would react to certain conditions in battle. It was designed to give the single-player MMO experience. In contrast to the previous ATB battle system, the player can now choose to automate the party’s attacks instead of the traditional turn-based system in which you decide each party members’ move.

The entire Final Fantasy franchise is famous for its storytelling and Final Fantasy XII doesn’t fall short in unfolding the byzantine political struggles in the world of Ivalice. But the game stays true to the theme present in every Final Fantasy – the tale of a group of friends overcoming an all-powerful villain.

Fortunately for longtime fans as well as for the newcomers, the remaster of the PS2 classic is soon to be released on July 11, 2017 as announced during the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Opening Ceremony which was held at the Tokyo Game Show:

Following the success of the remasters of Final Fantasy X & X-2, Square Enix has slowly began to roll out updated versions of their classic games and Final Fantasy XII happens to be next in line.

The remaster, which will be called Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, will not only have a major facelift in terms of graphics, but will introduce a ton of new features as well.

One of the new things they included in the remaster is a high speed mode, a remedy to the tedious trips that the player had to make in the game’s expansive world (this was also present in the X/X-2 remaster). They have also finally incorporated the International Zodiac Job System (hence the name) which was only present in the original game’s International version. A few tweaks were also made to original battle system as players originally had a hard time learning the ropes. A ‘Trial Mode’ was also made for players who want to try out these changes to the battle system.

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