Finally you can take control over your team on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. The Web App on EA Sports official site just released. They developed it and changed the whole design of the Web App. Now it is even more user-friendly and incredibly easy to use. You make your first steps on forming a great team. On this article we gonna give you some valuable tricks and tipps on how to rock the new FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

Open all the gifts

Yes, if you played FUT 17 and previous versions of this game you can be very happy. You will receive lots of gifts like free packs, items and so on. They will give you a boost for the beginning. Some gamer are really lucky and got very popular and high-rated player right on the beginning.

fifa 18 ultimate team web app

Login every day to receive rewards

If you are login into the Web App every day before the official release of the game you will receive some useful items, coins or packs. Make sure your are taking one or two minutes per day simply to log into the FIFA 18 UT Web App.

Avoid buying player right now

At the beginning of FUT 18 the price of the player will be extremely high. Even for average player you have to spent lots of coins. The reason is very simple: The demand is much higher than the supply. So far people haven’t open lots of packs…this means there aren’t many player on the transfer market. Around December the prices will drop a low. Instead of spending 3k coins for an average player you will only pay 1k. Keep this in mind before buying your team.

Sell popular and awesome player as soon as possible

As I wrote above: Demand and supply. You might get a Sergio Ramos right now. This is great for you, because you can be sure there are only a handful Ramos at this moment. The price of this player will be extremely high. So if you plan to sell him you should do it as soon as possible. Don’t wait too long, because the price might drop later.

fut 18 web app

FIFA 18 hacks and coin generator might still work

Last year some teenager in the US got arrested, because they were coding and developing a FIFA 18 coins hack. According to the FBI they caused a damage of $15-18 million. Every time you see a website offering a FIFA 18 coin generator you should ask yourself if this one is really working. This might sound confusing for you, but a few of this tools did actually work pretty well. YouTube, Facebook and other websites are full with this kinda generators. It worked for FUT 17 and it will also work for FUT 18. There is no question about this. If you believe it will work you can give it a try.

If you want fast success go for FIFA Points

Buying FIFA points is the only legit way on how to get lots of items and player. Unfortunately it might be depressing, because you will also get lots of useless items and player. Simply don’t expect too much by opening gold packs. The chance of getting a Ronaldo, FUT Icons or Messi is extremely low. Mostly you will receive player contracts, or even better “rare player contracts”, manager, kits, badges and other items. This is how it is.

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