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What you should know about Brawl Stars

Supercell is developing awesome mobile games, which are a huge success always. Whether we are talking about Hay Day, Boom Beach, Clash of Clans or Clash Royale – their games are popular all over the world. With their latest game Brawl Stars we are asking ourselves, if this game will be a huge success as well.

brawl stars gameplay

In fact many people all over the world are waiting for the game to release for iOS and Android. Right now it is only available in Canada. Blogs, forums, Facebook and also YouTube are filled with people who are trying to explain how to get the Brawl Stars apk without living in Canada. This is an indicator, which shows us how excited the people are about this new mobile game.

If you haven’t heard of Brawl Stars yet, take a look on this trailer:

Yes, this kind of games can be really fun and exciting, but they can also be very frustrating. If you don’t have enough premium items on your account, you will have a hard time to succeed on the game.

Many gamer are complaining the developer are only interested to create a game, which will bring a huge profit. The gaming experience is less important. If we take a look on the numbers on how much companies like Supercell were earning last year, we get an idea on what we are talking about. Mobile games is a billion dollar industry. Gems, coins, cash, gold, elixir, diamonds and all this kind of in-game currencies are only made up to transfer the money from your pocket to the companies pocket. Right from the beginning of these games you are confronted with buying premium items. The whole game is made up only to get as much money as possible. In the beginning it will be easy for you to reach the next level without paying anything for items, but as longer and better you play this game you will realize you have to spend money for items. Spending real money for the items is the only way to keep up and becoming better on the games. Just think about it. First they tell you the game is for free. It is for free actually. Called “freemium” or “free-to-play”, but after you are into this game a lot, became addicted to it, they want you to spend money on it. This is not only working on mobile games, but also on PC and console games like FIFA Ultimate Team

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What are other people doing? They are creating so called “generator” or “hacks” to get traffic from this people, which don’t want to spend any money for games like Brawl Stars. For example the Brawl Stars hack on here or this website. Another example are the “FIFA 18 coin generator” – this game didn’t even release yet, but suddenly a FIFA 18 hack is showing up on here. There is not a real way on how to cheat or hack Brawl Stars, also not on FIFA Ultimate Team. I don’t know if this tools are working, I never tried, but you will find lots of videos on Twitch and YouTube where people are trying to hack Brawl Stars and they actually get free Brawl Stars gems, elixir and coins. It is extremely dubious and a huge conflict within the gaming industry. Before cheater were really hated. Now it seems necessary to cheat on games like Brawl Stars or FIFA 18 just to save money. I mean, who wants to spend lots of money just for an online mobile game? I guess no one. There are much better ways on how to spend money. An Android or iOS game shouldn’t be one of it.