Become the next Twitch & YouTube Superstar


There are thousands of streamer and lets player all over the world on many different platforms. Twitch and YouTube are the most popular platforms, but beside other platforms like Ustream, Vimeo or Dailymotion also Facebook will soon start a broadcasting platform directly on Facebook.Some streamer like Gronkh or Pewdiepie have million of subscriber, countless viewers on live streams and they earn lots of money through donations, product placement or advertising. In this article we will tell you how you can get a piece of this huge cake.


What do you need personally to be a successful lets player on Twitch or YouTube?

First of all you should know this is more than just a hobby. Recording, cutting, commenting und much more are very time-consuming. Also you should know you have to invest some money into it. High quality equipment is absolutely necessary. Beside that you need a particular set of skills. If you got no idea how to record or edit videos you can easily watch tutorials on YouTube. Not only skills are required, but also a strong mindset. Consistence and endurance are some key characteristics. Don’t let the numbers screw you in the beginning. Yes, you will get less views and even less subscriber. Your goal should be to publish as much videos as possible with the highest quality as possible. It might happen you will lose your motivation after some weeks, because you won’t have much views and subscriber in the beginning and the gain is very slow. Just keep it up. Publish as much videos as possible. Also lets player like Pewdiepie started with 0 subs.

What software do you need to become successful on Twitch and YouTube?

You need software for…

  • Video editing
  • Audio recording
  • Streaming
  • Screen recording
camtasia studio
For the video editing we strongly recommend Camtasia Studio by TechSmith.

Video editing:

There dozens of softwares helping you to edit videos. Some are already included – like the Windows Live Movie Maker on Windows or iMovie on MacOS. However, there are some other better softwares by Adobe or Sony. One very popular software is Sony Vegas. The one we are using is Camtasia Studio by TechSmith. They got everything you need. You can edit videos easily, record your screen and also record audio. It is very easy to use and delivers high quality.

Audio recording:

Beside some video editing softwares like Camtasia you can also use external programs. We highly recommend Audacity for you. Also this software is very easy to use and you can download and use it for free.


If you want to make a live stream of your gameplay you need a good software doing that for you. The most popular software is the “Open Broadcaster Software” (OBS). This software is used by the most lets player. You can download OBS for free on their official website. It is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Screen recording:

If you want to record your gameplay to edit it later you will need a program doing that for you. Fraps is very popular, but also some video editing softwares like Camtasia can do that for you. MacOS user can use the QuickTime Player. What you should keep in mind is the frame rate your are recording with. Make sure the frames per second (FPS) are high. Also make sure you are recording at least in HD or Full HD. The video file should have a format, which doesn’t make it a big file. We recommend .avi or .mp4 for you.

Take it to the next level: The hardware


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