Become the next Twitch & YouTube Superstar – High Quality Videos


In the previous part we told you what characteristics and software you need to become a great streamer on Twitch and YouTube Gaming. Check it out here.

In this article we gonna tell you what you need in order to create high quality videos. The quality of your videos and streams are definitely important for your viewers. Show them that you are serious about streaming. Nobody wants to see a low quality video, bad sound quality or a bad gameplay filled with lags. Keep in mind to deliver high quality if you want to start publishing and streaming videos on Twitch, YouTube Gaming or any other platform.

The quality of your videos are extremely important.

What makes a high quality video or stream?

  • Video quality
  • Intro, outro, thumbnail, editing (length of the video etc.)
  • Sound quality
  • Entertainment
  • The Game

Lets talk about these aspects:

Video quality

The video should at least be in High Definition (HD). This means 1280×720 in pixel. Full High Definition (Full HD) would be better with 1920×1080 pixel, but isn’t a must-have. Everything above will cause high memory usage. For example 4k or °360 videos will take a long time for uploading. A common rookie mistake are black edges on the side of the video. Make sure you are using the correct format of the video. Don’t put a 1280×720 gameplay on a 1920×1080 video. The gameplay will be in the middle and black edges around it. Always keep in mind to double check the settings, before you really start to edit the video.


High quality videos are having an intro (not longer than 10 seconds), an Outro, which is showing other videos, tell the viewers to subscribe you and of course your social media presence, an attention seeking thumbnail (make the people click on your video) and a decent video length of around 3 to 15 minutes (never make a video too long, except you are streaming). Background music, watermarks with your logo, sound effects, pictures, fonts and so on can be added as well. Take a look on videos made by big lets player and you will know what I mean. Don’t underestimate the process of video editing. It can be really time consuming.

Sound quality

If you think about commenting your videos you should definitely keep in mind to have a crystal clear sound of your voice. With a normal gaming-headset or integrated microphone of your PC it will be difficult. Just imagine you would be the guy watching the video. If you hear a voice in a bad sound quality talking to you, then you would be more likely leaving the video or stream. Also you should have a good balance between your voice and the background music. Lower the sound effects of the gameplay and also lower the background music you are manually adding. Your voice should be the main attraction. Make sure the volume of the sound is always the same.

pubg mobile
Extremely popular on Twitch and YouTube these days


Give your viewers a reason to watch you. Nobody likes minutes of silence. Talk as much as possible, interact with your visitors by asking them questions or giving them answers. Describe what you are doing or seeing in the game. Entertain your viewers, be sympathic, funny or exciting. Streams and videos can be anything possible like funny, aggressive or awkward, but they should never be boring. Streaming has the huge advantage that you can get viewers in real time and also keep them as subscriber. Every viewer in your live stream is a potential subscriber. Keep that in mind.

The Game

You can be so good, funny or exciting as possible, but if you are playing a game nobody cares about, you will not get any viewers on your video or stream. These days there are a few games, which are incredibly popular. Beside games like FIFA 18 or Call of Duty, which get released every single year and always have a huge gamer community, there are games popping up this year like PUBG or Fortnite. Battle Royale games are extremely popular these days. Just check out and you can see which games got the most viewers. Fortnite and Playersunknown Battlegrounds are getting the most attention. Play a game people are having fun watching it and they will also having fun watching you.

In the next part we will talk about the hardware you need to be successful on Twitch and YouTube Gaming.


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