Assassin’s Creed Origins: GOTY Contender?


After a few lackluster releases in the previous years, the new Assassin’s Creed game actually looks very promising. With revamped gameplay and combat mechanics, the devs over at Ubisoft didn’t forget to make it beautiful as well. As the release date comes to a close (October 28!) here’s why you should get excited over AC: Origins!

asssassins creed origins ps4


The Ptolemaic Age is coming to an end, and it is your job to put Cleopatra on the throne. In AC: Origins, you get to play as Bayek of Siwa, the last of the Medjay: a group of mercenaries that eventually evolved into the Pharaoh’s elite guard.

Bayek isn’t part of the Brotherhood – mainly because he hasn’t founded it yet. If you’ve been following the series for a long time now, you’ll finally know the origins behind the Brotherhood’s traditions, such as the cut finger, feather ritual, and the leaps of faith. From the very start of the game, Bayek will be accompanied with his eagle companion, Senu, the predecessor to the Brotherhood’s signature ‘Eagle Vision’ skill.

The Order of the Ancients (predecessors of the Templars, according to director Ashraf Ismail) are plotting something underground. Their intentions aren’t entirely clear yet, but you mustn’t let these antagonists foil your main goal: to put Cleopatra back on the throne. 


The gameplay has been drastically changed this time as a response to feedback from longtime fans.

Stealth is no longer the primary combat element, although it is still a huge part of gameplay. Combat has been switched up to become even more challenging, starting with the Hidden Blade, which is no longer an instant kill. Commanders of outposts will always be a higher level than you this time, which means players will have to find a better infiltration strategy. On the flip side, Bayeks’ poisoned/fire arrows will allow the player to be creative on how they’ll ambush enemies.


There’s no doubt that Origins’ open world is stunning; but what makes it really great is how it’s build to be dynamic with diverse flora and fauna.

NPCs will no longer be aimlessly roaming around and they now have lives of their own, akin to the dynamic NPCs seen in The Witcher 3. These NPCs are also part of the new quest system, where regular townsfolk will offer you quests that you can accomplish aside from the main story.

assassins creed origins gameplay

Say goodbye to loading screens and prepare to experience Ancient Egypt seamlessly. And yes, you can scale those pyramids, too!

By the looks of it, Assassin’s Creed: Origins is shaping up to be one of 2017’s best games. Hopefully, it will live up to the hype come release day. Lucky for us gamers, it will be released on all three major platforms: Xbox, Playstation 4, and PC. While AC: Origins isn’t here yet, how about you check out these accessories to spice up your gaming experience – only here at Xesero!